Did I Tell You I Love You Today?

by Deloris Jordan
Illustrated by Shane W. Evans & Roslyn M. Jordan

My kids really enjoyed this book! It is a wonderful story about a mother expressing her love for her son. The book documents the many tangible ways that she shows that she loves him each day.

I take the time to tell you, child, "I love you" today.

This is a great book! I was most moved by the final page which says,

...quietly I sit praying that in all I've done and was moved to say, I've done my best in telling you, child, that "I love you" everyday.

As a mother I feel like I am always "doing" for my children. This book is a great reminder that although we show our love for our kids in so many tangible ways, we need to be sure to tell them that we love them each and everyday!