Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kitchen Dance

by Maurie J. Manning

A son and daughter wake to the sounds of their mother and father dancing to the tunes of clanging dishes. After noticing the kids peeking in on them, the mother and father sweep the children off their feet and the entire family finishes cleaning up the kitchen by doing the kitchen dance! Very cute story!

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Ticia said...

You know these posts never show up in my bloglines, but I'm giving up on that and switching over to google reader, maybe I'll have better luck with that.
And I found a book you'd love, Sing-Along Song written by JoAnn Early Macken, illustrated by Leuyen Pham
I just won it in a give-away and it came in the mail and it's the cutest little story about a young boy who's singing songs all day long. You might want to feature it here, if you haven't yet.


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