Chicken Sunday

by Patricia Polacco

This book is about three children who want to buy a the special Easter bonnet in Mr. Kodinski's shop window for Miss Eula. Wanting to earn money to buy the hat, the kids attempt to ask Mr. Kodinski if they can help out around the shop. However they are mistakenly accused of throwing eggs at the shop. Wanting to show Mr. Kodinski that they were innocent, they decided to decorate eggs and give them to him as a gift. He is so impressed with the eggs, that the allows the kids to sell them in his shop. Once the kids had made enough money to buy the hat, Mr. Kodinski tells them to keep their money and he give them to hat. The kids are thrilled to be able to give Miss Eula her special Easter bonnet. After a wonderful Easter Sunday they enjoy another Sunday afternoon having fried chicken at Miss Eula's.