Can You Top That?

Can You Top That?Can You Top That?
by W. Nikola-Lisa
illustrated by Hector Viveros Lee

This is a cute counting book about a boy and his well as the imagination of his friends. They battle over who can top the others "story." It all begins with, "Hey, I got a fish with one fin! Can you top that?" The stories almost ended with on of the kids saying, "I got a horse with ten heads! Can you top that?" Finally the boy tops it with stating that he has an elephant. All the kids want to see his elephant, but he says that he will show his elephant once they show all of the stories they told. It was a cute little boy that definitely showcased the imagination of the kids. As we read the book, one of my boys announced, "Hey mom, this is a counting book!" I really like it when books tie in other academic skills! Overall we liked the book even though some of the "stories" were quite far-fetched!