Down the Road

by Alice Schertle
illustrated by E.B. Lewis

Walking down the long road to town all by herself for the very first time, Hetty is thrilled that her parents have decided that she is old enough to go to town to get fresh eggs for their morning breakfast. Hetty makes it to town and gets the eggs. She is very careful not to break them. However, as she reaches up to pick apples for her and her parents, her basket tips...and tips a bit more until all the eggs fall out. Feeling sad, she doesn't want to return home to tell her parents about the eggs. So, she climbs the apple tree to think it over. Her dad comes looking for her. Next, her mother comes looking for her and her dad and finds them both in the apple tree. Pretty soon all three of them are in the apple tree admiring the view. They head home and rather than fresh eggs for breakfast, they enjoy a delicious apple pie.