The Patchwork Path

by Bettye Stroud
Illustrated by Erin Susanne Bennett

Hannah is a young slave girl on a southern plantation. When her Papa decides that it is time to run to freedom, Hannah is scared. However, she along with her father use the patchwork quilt that her late mother made to guide them to freedom. Each patch in the quilt is a symbol, a guide, which guides them along the Underground Railroad.

I read this book to my older three children. My 5 year old boys were very intrigued with the quilt and how it was a code for Hannah and her father to follow. My daughter, though interested in the quit code, was more intrigued with the idea of them being slaves and having to run away to freedom. In the last year or so, I have started discussing issues such as slavery with her and this was a great fictional account (not too graphic) of historically accurate events for her to read.