Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King

by Jean Marzollo
Illustrated by Brian Pinkney

We really enjoyed this book about Martin Luther King! When we read the very first page, my daughter noticed that his birthday was January 15th, which is tomorrow! She immediately asked if we could have a birthday celebration for him. As we read through the book, I was very impressed with how the book was written with a young child in mind. The only part that I skipped over was that he was shot and killed. In the introduction of the book, Marzollo even acknowledges that "it isn't, after all, necessary to tell very young children the harsh details about Reverend King's death in order to convey to them the central message of his inspirational leadership" and even suggests to simply say that Martin Luther King "died" in 1968. We really enjoyed this book and I feel that it was very age-appropriate for my kids.

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vanessa said...

Okay, so I know this is the third comment on your blog today, but I am finding just what I came here for! I am working on a post for MLKJ day and was wondering if you had any good suggestions. Looks like you do. I will be linking to this in my post.

How old are your kids? I want to get a few books to read with Juliet but she is only 3 and I am not sure how much she will be able to understand at this point. The shot and killed part is a bit too much for her right now.


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