The Baby on the Way

The Baby on the WayThe Baby on the Way 
by Karen English
illustrated by Sean Qualls

Ever wonder about your birth story? Well, this little boy casually asked his grandmother if she was ever a baby. She explained that yes, she was once "the baby on the way." Curious about what that meant, the little boy inquired and the grandmother began explaining the story of her birth. After the story, the little boy wonders if anyone will ever ask him if he was ever a baby. She assures him that he will be asked and continues by telling him of his birth story so that he will be able to one day tell of story of him being "the baby on the way." This was a cute story and my kids did enjoy it.

However, they enjoyed what happened afterward even more! They wanted to know their birth stories. Sad to say, I didn't remember all the details and I was fearful that I would get the birth stories mixed up. So, I got out my old journals and read each of my kid's birth stories to them. They absolutely LOVED hearing about how they were "the baby [babies] on the way!!"