Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Shades of Black

Shades Of BlackShades of Black: 
A Celebration of Our Children
by Sandra L. Pinkney
photos by Myles C. Pinkney

My kids really enjoyed this book. They loved seeing other children that look like them. The book instills a sense of pride in the beauty of all African-American children. I love the metaphors used to describe all of the differences in skin color, hair texture, and eye color:

"I am the midnight blue in a licorice stick"

"My hair is the soft puffs in a cotton ball"

"My eyes are"..."the shimmering glow of ebony in an onyx"

This is a wonderful book and the photographs are very vibrant and beautiful! We loved seeing all of the shades of black!!!


monique said...

I know you review mostly African American focused books, but do you have any good recommendations for books that also include hispanic/mixed kids (that isn't dora or diego lol).

Mama Jenn said...

Hi Monique! Thanks for contacting me. Yes, I have read a few books with hispanic/mixed kids (other than Dora and Diego), but I cannot remember any of the titles off of the top of my head. If you would like, I could email you as I come across them. Just need your email! :-)


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