Saturday, February 5, 2011

Rhyme Time Valentine

Rhyme Time Valentine
by Nancy Poydar

Ruby loves Valentines Day and her favorite color is red! For Valentines Day she decides to make rhyming valentines for her classmates. However, with a whip and dip of the wind, her red, hand-made, heart-shaped valentines flutter away. After being quite upset about the valentines, Ruby is very excited when she notices passerby's catching her valentines as the swish through the wind. My kids really enjoyed this book and were excited to make their own heart-shaped valentines!

FYI, the book does use the word "dumb." We do not use this word in our home. So I thought I would forewarn you in case you do the same. As I read the book to the kids, I simply skipped over it and used another more appropriate word in its place.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. We willhave to try the recipe today. Susan

kristin at preschool daze said...

oh, i love this site.

thank you.

Mbini from Decorating Small Spaces said...

I followed a link from your main site. So glad I did. This is an awesome blog.

You also seem to be a great mom and a lovely person in general.

Jen said...

we just read a great book, nina bonita! You should check it out.
it was written in brazil, so also multi-cultural!


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