Peeny Butter Fudge

Peeny Butter FudgePeeny Butter Fudge
by Toni Morrison & Slade Morrison
illustrated by Joe Cepeda

While mom heads out, Nana is left with the children and a schedule and instructions to follow. However, this fun-loving grandmother doesn't quite adhere to the instructions, but her and the kids sure have a great time. Just before the mother returns, Nana and the kids make a batch of peeny butter fudge, a secret family recipe. Mother returns and sees the huge mess that Nana and the kids made. However, before she can begin to reprimand, she catches a whiff of the delicious peeny butter fudge and remembers making it herself as a child. Want to make peeny butter fudge? There is a recipe in the back of the book!

My kids LOVED this book. They thought Nana was so much fun! We even followed the recipe and made our own batch of peeny butter fudge.